Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in Tucson

We landed in Catalina state park last Friday and it has been a busy weekend.  We shopped and cleaned and rested mainly.  I spent most of Saturday with a local photography buddy picking up my new lens, learning some tricks in lightroom and photoshop while Sraddha rested.  Originally we were going to head out Monday but with the wind and lower temps coupled with we were still tired, we elected to remain here for a few more days.  

It was very very windy Sunday and Monday however I managed to shoot a few photos of the local fauna.  Wanted to post a few here for your enjoyment.  You can click on the first one then see it larger then click again to advance to the next one.

Vermillion Flycatcher.  Hard to pin down.  He was next door.

Mrs. Gila Woodpecker peeking out from nest inside Mesquite tree

Chipping Sparrow we saw last night while walking around
This little squirrel lives next door and posed for me

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