Sunday, April 8, 2012

Prescott Arizona

2 adults, no pets, no kids, like it quiet.  "Oh, you are the ideal RV couple"  said the lady who checked us into the Point of Rocks RV park in NE Prescott.  Wow, really?  Yup!!  Easy to handle.  no fuss, (well as long as its quiet) and no critters running around destroying things.  Ha Ha.

After a beautiful drive over hills (7000 ft) and valleys (3000 ft), we settled into this spot in the granite dells of Prescott where we could roam around the big boulders and listen mostly to the birds instead of the road.  

When I lived here back in 1970 while attending Prescott College, the sleepy town size was about 13,000 and county 39,000 residents.  lovely area.  College was out by the Dells so we would go hiking and bouldering all the time.  Now the town has blown up 3 times the size and the county has almost a quarter of a million residents.  Woah!  still the Dells are preserved and fun to walk around in.  Wish we had more time.  

We did drive over to Jerome and Cottonwood to explore a little.  Jerome was an abandoned mining town turned tourist town and Cottonwood same but where all the workers live who work in Jerome.  We saw the Verde Valley Railroad and walked along the verde river a little.  Too hot.  We headed back over the hill to Prescott and its cooler temps due to higher elevation. 

Now off to Grand Canyon this morning.  
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