Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mr Toad and the Dump

Up early this morning. Break camp and pout by 8AM. There ate advantages to
RV over tent camping. Takes about 15 minutes to get going. Of course last night we spent 30 minutes putting away the outdoor mats and chairs etc, which we set up for extended stays.

RV at dump ready to hook up
At the RV dump station ready to dump and hookup
First order of business is to hit the dump station on the way out. When camped we take showers, wash dishes use the potty for liquid wastes so draining is something we need to do every 5-7 days depending on our usage. We rinse out the hoses We had spent 5 nights at Catalina so everything ok now. See picture.

Wow,  I just lost half the blog post.  thank you google.  no way to revert back and I accidentally deleted it.  sigh.

Lessee, where was I?  Not sure so will wing it.  As you can see by photos we are poised at RV dump station.  As I release the black and grey fluids, Sraddha is also connecting up Mr. Toad to the back of the RV.  Takes about 10 minutes.

Our toad hookup.  takes only 10 minutes to connect and disconnect

The hose from the waste tanks is held down by a rock as we wouldn't want any spillage.  There is a water hose to wash things down if needed.  It is also used to rinse out the effluent hose after release.  Oh, yes, in case you wanted to know,  I wear those disposable surgical gloves that we buy at Costco.  Works great!

Dump hose out to relieve fluids. Easy Peasy!
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