Friday, April 13, 2012

Hiking Zion National Park

One of the busiest parks. Shuttle system in effect April 1. I caught a bad cold and was not my normally energetic self so we did no hard hikes. Stayed extra night due to storms so we had 2 full days in park. Went up to Zion loge late both mornings for brunch then walked some of the easy trails in the valley. More like dawdled most of the time.

I also rested and slept in middle of day and we had to repair the slide out (see previous blog post) so our walks were limited. Still it was just the best place to R&R.

The family from hell (next door first night) was replaced by a very quiet couple on each side with rental RV's. Sweet! We have observed many many smaller rental RV units driving around. Mostly European couples from listening to them speak Apparently they rent from places in Las Vegas and drive around to all the national parks.

Great way to do it!

Yesterday, while I was resting, Sraddha headed up into park for a long stroll. I was to join her after 3pm and we would the go on up to Narrows. She calls me from canyon stop about 3 and we plan to meet there around 3:45. I was to drive keep into visitors center and catch shuttle. I

When I discovered park full I turned around raced back to camp, left jeep in motel lot and scurried to catch the town shuttle into the park. I scurried a little carelessly and, for the first time in many, many years, tripped and twisted my ankle real good. Ouch. Got up and limped to the shuttle. Wasn't hurting too bad. Figured it was mild sprain, not broken so kept going.

Arrived at canyon junction early, found Sraddha and we walked up to Pome creek bridge (see pics) which is where highway 9 crosses over on its eastbound journey through tunnel to the other side and Bryce Canyon park.

We poked around underneath Pine creek bridge and walked back to shuttle then road up to end and walked up the 1mile riverside walk. Ankle hurting pretty good now. Ok though as long as I stay on flat surface.

The walk was worth the effort as I captured the late afternoon light reflected off the running waters of the Virgin river. See the iPhone pic below.

The light was incredible all over the park as we returned to shuttle and road back to visitor center.

Due to my ankle, I had elected not to haul big camera. Just iPhone. Which was kinda fun since time was limited. I have to say it is handy in these situations and a lot faster when posting to blog. Will continue to use it more for blog posts.

Looking up Narrows of Virgin River
Pine Creek Bridge looking east up into Canyon
Valley of the Patriarchs with some waterfall in distance (center)
Poking around under Pine Creek bridge looking Westward back to main canyon
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