Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We officially name our motor home

Since the beginning last September of this travel blog, I have referred to our motor home as "the RV" or "our RV" or "the motorhome", etc. No real name, just a description. I had asked Sraddha to think about a name and nothing appeared.

Recently I started calling the RV "Charlie", thinking it was cute to say "Travels with Charlie". Now Sraddha like Sanskrit names as is known in Ananda Village where Sanskrit nomenclature is found everywhere and many people have spiritual names of sanskrit origin. However we just didn't seem to come up with one fr the RV, hence "Charlie".

This morning, as we drove eaat away from The Grand Canyon through. Navajo country en route to Zion, Sraddha hit upon the name: "Charming Highway Lila" or "Charli" for short! (Lila means "play of God" in Sanskrit). So now we have our AKC registered name and our nickname. "Charli"

By the way, Charli is a she.

Now we are still working on a durable name for the jeep. Mr. Toad doesn't quite cut the mustard. Stay tuned.

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