Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bisbee Part 1

For us, as RV'ers the really neat thing about Bisbee is the RV park right next to Queen Mine and overlooking downtown Bisbee.  Several years about we had driven through Bisbee but spent no time here. (Ask Sraddha about this one).  Anyway we originally intended to spend one night and ended up spending 2.  We were able to walk around the town enjoying the unique creative, architecture and hills.  Glad we live at elevation in the Village because we climbed a lot of steps and made it through.  Here are some pix.

Our back yard - The open pit copper mine

A creative take on downtown retail store.  Wonder what is inside?

In the middle distance is our RV park

Our Front Yard at RV park. Downtown Bisbee in background
Next to RV park is the Queen Mine.  Daily tours are conducted by former miners so we took the undergound tour that goes back 1500 ft into mountain.  Quite fun and informative.
getting dressed for trip underground.  Quite the fashion hound!
 Did you know this mine produced 8 billion pounds of copper during its life.  Shut down in 1975 due to copper prices, there is talk of re-opening.  Also produced 2 million pounds of gold.
Interesting bicycle undergound for shift boss to ride around
 The miners were quite inventive and humorous.  The carts were never on level ground.  they used little blocks to hold in place.  Imagine some prankster......
And you can guess what this is for right?

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