Friday, March 8, 2013

Marathon drive today

We made it to Buttonwillow by 10:15AM. Nice to get an early start.
After a sumptuous feast if plantains and cabbage ( pupusas) and Orchata rice drink at our favorite Salvadoran restaurant, we checked the weather radar and road conditions. Passes were open but the storm still up in Tehachapi and the Mojave. My inner voice told me to head up the grapevine. Last time we did this we got stuck in LA traffic so I prayed that we made right decision.
Slow news day in LA.
As we drove thru the grapevine across Tejon pass I noticed 3 network news trucks up on the overpass.
Whhaaatt ??
The roads were dry and 1-2 inches of snow on the hills nearby.
Noon news mist be slow. I don't have a Photo because I was driving.
We sailed thru Pasadena ( sight if last years delays) despite showers and rain. All the way out the 210. Stopped at a Starbucks thanks to their iPhone app and switched drivers.
We drove through Riverside area in a downpour, but once we entered the Palm Springs area sun came back out.
The past times we drive across this part if Mojave it was dark. This time we enjoyed the stark dry desert with creosote bushes, ocatillo and brittle bush.
Blythe, CA, along the Colorado river sports lush green fields and surprised us its size. Last year we stayed in a motel arriving and departing in the dark. Dark clouds filled the eastern horizon with the western sun brightening many surrounding features as it set in the west.

We crossed the Colorado river intending to fuel up with much cheaper gas but soon discovered a long, long line at the pump, so we decided to venture on a few more miles to Quartzite, home to thousands of winter snowbirds boondocking in their RV's.

Gas was even less on quartzite.
Light here in Arizona is so different than Cali or New Mexico. Not sure why but we sure appreciate it.

Glad we pressed on because we were treated to a lengthy series of lightening flashes on the eastern horizon as we drove on towards Phoenix. Thunder clouds gathering in the east foretold a big energy building over the valley of the sun.
Through the driving rainstorm we pressed on to Tempe to our hotel. Had to search around for last minute for a reasonably priced room since we were uncertain of how far we could drive today.
The heavy downpour continued as we arrived at 8:30 PM. Because the parking lot mostly full we had walk a bit in the rain to the room, but the room had the space to store my bike.
Whew. 13 hours on the road today. We will sleep in tomorrow morning.
- blessings from the road

Location:I-10 E,Salome,United States

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