Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bisbee Part II

We had heard of a really cool old time area and a very creative, original RV park nearby so we drove Mr. Toad (the jeep) east down the hill past the open pit mine to find a really fun area of BIsbee called Lowell.  At one end of the main street was an old grocery store converted into a food Co-op where we shopped for some goodies.  The main street had all kinds of old time gas station pumps,  storefronts from the 40's and cars.  I spent an hour photographing with the big camera and will post more later on that.  Here are some pix from my iphone

Notice the signs and old Greyhound bus

This Indian set a land speed record of 140 mph on bonneville salt flats.
Remember the movie, "The World's Fastest Indian"?

Shady Lane RV Park filled with vintage trailers set up as a motel

Of the many fun things to do in Bisbee is walk the Bisbee 1000.  Here is the map of the 5K walk (or run for some) that is used in October for their event.  We had it open on iphone to see route.  We walked about 700 of the steps but didn't complete the route due to darkness.  I noted where our RV park is in lower right and also the top highest point from which I shot the photo below.  Was really fun.

5 K walk isn't bad.  Glad we live at elevation because bisbe starts at 5160 ft

one of the stairs.  to the highest point.  you can see 5 on map above

here we go.  whew

Creative metal sculptures masquarading as fence

View from the Top.  you can see our RV way down on middle right if you squint.

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