Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wandering around Catalina State Park

Most of you, Who have followed this blog for some time, already know that Catalina State Park Is one of our favorite camping grounds and destinations in the southwest.

We arrive Saturday amisdt showers and rains having experienced torrential downpours the night before. Cold weather kept us from exploring. So now as the weather warms up, We are really getting out and enjoying the walks.

Yesterday was spent shopping for some items we needed to get along the way, visiting a good friend, and we finally made it back at the end of the day To hike one of our favorite walks or more like a stroll, the Sutherland Trail.

The golden hour Of sunset greeted us as we walked up the stream bed seeing reflections off of the distant Catalina Mountains.

Hiking up the trail to the plateau we were greeted with the sunset and were able to take this picture of us and you can see It is a blissful experience.

Fortunately we had cell service and on the way back on the hike back I was able to do a FaceTime communications with one of my good friends at back home at the Village.

After all this is 2013.

- blessings from the road

Location:N Oracle Rd,Tucson,United States

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