Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunny Flat Campground in the Chiricahua's - This is the place!!

The Chiricahua's are pretty special. Granted, so far we have yet to spend a night in the actual mountains but the is our first.  We arrived 3 days ago out in the valley in Rodeo east of the mountains.  Dry, windy, warm.  we drove into Cave Creek Canyon in search of birds and found a campground called Sunny Flat which appeared large enough to accomodate Charli our RV.  We had already committed to the Rusty's RV park for 3 nights and had a lot of internet and Skype calls to make so decided that on Thursday morning, while I did business and phone calls, Sraddha would go out and scout for potential campsites that might be available. Sure enough, she came back around 11:30 just when I had finished my last call, to say she found a spot.  So we did some laundry, packed up and headed into the canyon.

View of Chricahua's from our RV campground eastside
I drove very slowly on narrow roads up the canyon and found Sraddha waiting for me to guide in the RV. A hummingbird greeted her and we knew this was the spot.

Our campsite

And here we are.  wow.  amazing place.  looking forward to exploring.

Our Back yard

Our Front Yard

We got set up and just sat outside marveling at the scenery.  Truly one of the best campgrounds we have ever seen.  Dinner was served outside and we counted our blessings.

No internet or running water however, the location is truly a five star experience.

Dinner with a view.

- blessings from the road
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