Sunday, March 31, 2013

White Lined Sphinx Moth

Up at Massai point in Chiricahua National Monument , there is a short half mile interpretive nature trail where you can learn all kinds of things about the flora and fauna of region. As we hiked the trail, we noticed some flowering Pointleaf Manzanita bushes and spotted, what we thought was a hummingbird.  So we trained our binoculars and my camera on it and....

No.  It was a White Lined Sphinx Moth.  It is sipping through its probiscus.  I had my portable hummingbird camera kit set up with the 70-200mm and 2X extender on the 5D3 camera body.  Shooting at 1/2000 exposure f5.6 so the wing is a little blurry.

Click on any of these to see a larger version

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