Thursday, March 29, 2012

Texas in Rear View Mirror

Wildflower at Pedernales Falls State Park
Actually the RV, Charlie, doesn't have a rear view mirror. Only very good side view mirrors. But you get the drift.

We departed Austin area at O'dark early this morning and will have driven about 800 miles today across west Texas, southern New Mexico and into Arizona. Long 16+ hours but taking turns it has been worth it. We now will spend leisurely weekend in one of our favorite haunts, Catalina State Park.

I currently riding shotgun while Sraddha drives. She is a good driver.

Time to clean up Charlie from all the Texas dust, port Aransas sea salt, and effect a couple minor repairs. The exhaust fans stopped working. After tearing one apart yesterday I found as suspected, a corroded clogged micro switch that won't go up and down when we open the vent. On both fans. Think it is due to the salty air of Part Aransas. Very sticky if any of you have spent time on an ocean beach know.

Mr & Mrs Cardinal sharing a Moth at Pedernales
Hope to clean them out and nurse th back to health until the manufacturer can send replacement to our home.

Also going photo shooting with a friend from Bosque del Apache workshop who lives in Tucson.

I have bird pics to show you but haven't had Internet bandwidth or time to upload. Hope this weekend.  Here are a couple pics

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