Tuesday, October 29, 2013

North Lake and Aspendell

Overlooking the Tablelands to the snow in White mountains wherein Bristlecone Pine forest 
Rainy cold day here in Bishop area.  We had planned to drive up to the Birstlecones but were turned back due to snow.  Sooo,  We spent a couple hours at the Mountain Light Gallery founded by Galen Rowell then headed west up into AspenDell area of Sabrina Lake, North Lake areas below Mt. Tom

Hmm Snow.  gets to try the new tires.
Here are some photos of our afternoon trip.  We actually found some beautiful spots and also some interesting light over the tablelands upon our descent.

Looking towards the White Mountains with nostalgia
Photographing the first photo above (this shot with iphone)
At this higher elevation above 8500 ft, the aspens had all dropped their leaves yet still held an alure.
Aspens in snow

interesting crevice

She was a happy camper to be in the snow
Morning greeted us yesterday
Some flora in the evening dusk light
- Blessings from the Road
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