Friday, October 11, 2013

Sundial Bridge in Redding

We drove yesterday to Redding, about 320 miles. Beautiful along the Umpqua river to Sutherlin and then boring down I5. Found a nice TV park on Sacramento River ( forgot to takes pix again) which was relatively quiet.
Was good to break up the trip into two days.
Friday morning found us over at Sun Dial Bridge which is major Redding landmark. Built in 2004 to to the tune of $23 million it serves as a foot bridge for both pedestrian and cyclists. Bridge components sourced from 7 different countries. The architect, Santiago Calatrava, is world renowned for his designs and patterned it after a goose in flight. He said the surrounding countryside reminded him of his home town, Valencia, Spain. Amazingly cool.
We walked the bridge and admired the design and construction.
Nice way to celebrate 15th wedding anniversary.

Across the bridge is a really fun botanical garden only accessible by foot traffic. Here is one pic

- blessings from the road

Location:Sundial Bridge Dr,Redding,United States

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