Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Still in Oregon. And haven't drowned

We have been delayed departing Oregon for various reasons but hope to head out next Monday.
Sraddha needed some dental work and is doing fine but needs to heal a few more days.
Last weekend, with major storm approaching, We headed out to the coast again for a spot of heavy winds.

When We had booked a reservation at Nehalem Bay state Park, we noticed that it was 95% full for weekend but but Friday, the cancellations rolled in. Still some hearty campers remained, even in tents but by Saturday the place looked lie a ghost town.

As you can see, the bay was full to the brim. Normally we old have walked further out in the sand but high tide was really really high what wiht the extra rain. About 6-7 inches. Whew. And heavy winds

Not to be denied of good photo op, I find some interesting close up vegetation whilst hiking in the deep rainforest.

None it begins to dry out and soon we will be wishing for rain again.

- Blessings, Kent
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