Thursday, October 10, 2013

Umpqua Lighthouse

While staying in Winchester bay this week we visited the Umpqua Light house.  It overlooks the mouth of the Umpqua river in central Oregon coast.  First we hiked out in the dunes to see the "triangle area where a company grows oysters.  Yum.

It was a bit cold and wet but fun anyway.

Umpqua Triangle

This lighthouse was the second one built in 1894 on this river after 23 vessels had crashed on the ever changing sandbars of the Umpqua River.  The coast guard now uses the surrounding area for living quarters.
Umpqua Lighthouse opened in 1894
We took a 45 minute tour of the lighthouse which features a first order Fresnel Lens from France.  Two lenses were ordered, one for Heceta Head (further north) and this one.  The supplier only had only one clear and one red lens so Umpqua got the red lens.  What is amazing is this lens can be seen 20 miles out to sea.  Wow.  Some engineering feat!

When we climbed up into the top of the lighthouse to see the lens which you can see below.
pretty amazing.
Really cool Red Fresnel first order lens

Here is just another view.  tight space but really cool.  shot with iphone 5

- blessings from the road
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