Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuttle Creek BLM campground

We have been camping near Mt Whitney and Lone pine in a BLM campground for past 4 nights. The price is almost right at $2.50 per night. Plus $5 to dump our wastes. No hookups but the water we can obtain is sweet. This marks our 10th night out since Lee Vining and we have spent $15 on "rent" including waste disposal. Hard to beat.

Not a lot of pix if the camp because I forget to shoot them until away from camp. Will show other pix if area in another post.

This phot actually of the white mountains east if our last campsite north of bishop. It was last morning and just after storm bele through.

Tuttle creek sits at the door of Whitney portal the route to Mt Whitney and just above the Alabama Hills where many old western movies made.

Never been here before so it has been a time if exploration.

We drive up Whitney Portal today.
From 5000 ft to 8000 ft real fast. From sagebrush and boulders to deep forest.

Do I look like Robert Downey Jr here?

I had never seen these high Sierra peaks.

Blessings from the Road

Location:Lone Pine,United States

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