Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Southern Migration Begins

Sunset at mouth of Umpqua River
After attending to some dental work, we finally were able to button up our stay at Ananda Laurelwood in Oregon and begin our southern migration.
Ready to head out from Laurelwood
As we drive along the edge of the new land we look back to Ananda in the Valley as we now call it.
One last look at Ananda in the Valley
First stop was near Eugene at Guaranty RV service center to pick up new house batteries.  Turns out our Interstate deep cycle batteries were original in 2006 when the RV was built  7 years ago and, while still working, could fail any time. Yikes!  They had them in stock so we bought 2-6 volt Interstate 220 Ah (amphour) batteries and yours truly swapped them out.  Saved sales tax and labor.  We also, after careful research purchased a portable 120 watt solar panel system.  More on that later since I forgot to take photos.
Can some say Pumpkin Pie?

Driving south down Hwy 99 to avoid the freeway and save a gallon of gas, we passed Blue Haeven Farm Stand.....Pie...screech..stop, pull over.

I knew about this place from a berry pie we got a few weeks ago on my northern journey back from the village so Sraddha went shopping.

"Do you have any pumpkin pie?", she asked.

Clerk behind the counter, "Gee we just took some out of the oven about 10 minutes ago.  They are still to warm to eat"...hmmm.  This is what one would call a "no-brainer."
Darn,  we had to wait about 45 minutes to find a little state park in which to pull over and have lunch. Guess what was for desert!  And it was as good as it looks.  Sraddha even said it was as good as she could make which is saying a lot.

The Marina and harbor
At Eugene we headed west to the coast and then south, past Florence to a place called Winchester Bay on the mouth of the Umpqua River.  A little sheltered bay is home to many boats and fishermen.  Not so much commercial fishing here as it is weekenders and vacationers.  Salmon fishing was pretty much over but a few people were fishing along the shore.  We found a spot to camp right on the harbor and settled in.

After landing and settling in we decided to walk before the rains returned so I got out my big camera and even bigger new zoom lens and we walked along the harbor edge around to the river's edge we spotted this egret fishing in evening light.  I shot this handleld at 440 mm.

Walking further around to  and along the Umpqua river we visited with another couple and then the sun came out.  Not a great sunset with the sun in the photo but to the left of the sun the river's mouth reflected the evening light.  This photo also handheld at 560.

The Journey begins

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