Saturday, March 3, 2012

Been off line for a while

In Port Aransas at county beach campground. I not been blogging regularly due to lack of internet in Big Bend, then driving to gulf coast, then finding our Mifi doesn't get reliable signal where we are camping. Sigh. I am now writing this with my iPhone so will keep it short.

We drove 500 miles to Lake Corpus Christi state park. First 300 miles SE through desert along the Texican border then east through ranch and then farm country to interstate then south to Gulf.

As we passed through pearsall, Texas, I noticed a sign that said this town produces 55,000,000 lbs per year of peanuts! Wow. That's a lot of shells. And I love peanuts and peanut butter.
We mailed some letters at the Pearsall post office and headed east out of town on a farm road. Speed limit 70 mph. On a farm road? Ok. The wild flowers in full bloom in the fields. We stopped to take this picture and the astral fragrance of the flowers hit us. Unlike anything I have experienced. Maybe this is one of the top Texas attractions.

As you may recall, we were dry camping in Big Bend so relying on our water tanks and batteries. It worked well and we found that with careful use of water and lights we lasted 7 days with only a 2 hour generator session to replenish house batteries. Of course it was moderate temps and we didn't have to run the heater or the AC.

But we did run short of water the last day of the drive so getting to the stare park allowed us to hook up and replenish water tanks and take a very long luxurious shower.

We had less than 100 miles to drive yesterday to our campsite in Port A as Locals call Port Aransas. More on that later. We arrived early at IB Magee county park. We had our choice of about 6 campsites so we drove around and decided on a spot. Good thing as it was Friday and the other campsites filled up by mid afternoon with weekend fishermen.

We headed off to tour the area. Sraddha had stayed in Port A 3 years ago do she showed me all her birding haunts. Last night was restful and quiet as the fishermen all went to bed early.

Today we are off to Farmers market for fresh veggies, etc and to shop for a few other things. I will be posting more regularly about current activities and will catch up on past.

Might be from iPhone. Yikes.
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