Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chisos Mountains and Lost Mine trail

Yes, we are now in Texas.  I didn't get to post much while in Big Bend because I didn't want to go over to the store every day and spend hours in hot sun.  (excuse?).  Sooooo.. am getting back to a couple of our hikes.
We hiked the Lost mine trail high up in Chisos Mountains which sit right in the middle of the park sticking up about 8,000 feet.
The most popular trail is the Lost Mine trail.  2.4 miles with 1100 ft elevation gain.  Switches back over it self over and over again.  Top was a point about 7200 feet.  Really fun.  Wind was blowing which was real nice because it kept the flies away mostly.

At the top we sat for an hour and munched snacks.  We were visited by a little Rufus headed sparrow.  Sraddha had glimpsed one before but this one came right up and was looking for food.  We watched him for a long time 

Walking down, we were the next to the last people off the mountain arriving back to car late in day.  saw some cool birds. 

 We returned to Chisos Basin for our picnic dinner and to try to see some more birds. Casa Grande Peak beckoned on the other side

Oh yes,  we did score some fresh shrimp today off a boat in the harbor.  They were not frozen.  We took them back, cleaned them and fired up the BBQ.  Shrimp on the barbie.  Yum.  I can see why the Australian's really like this.  We are vegetarian in our eating habits for various reasons however, everyonce in a while we eat a little seafood like shrimp.
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