Friday, March 23, 2012

Made It To Texas

Corpus Christi approach shot with ipad camera
Posting this from my iPad so not sure how the photos will be arranged.

Front Facing iPad camera  in airplane
Used the iPad camera several times during the flight. One photo was of me in the seat looking towards back of plane. Other one was out the window towards Corpus Christi as we were landing. Oops. Was supposed to have turn off iPad but couldn't resist snapping photo first. Note all the refineries.

Glad to see Sraddha and we went put birding after unloading. Had fun and got a couple photos but no time to process yet. It is the warmest day of the trip on the coast, up to 76. and a bit muggy. Very different from ice on the windshield when I departed home this morning.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow morning we head up the coast to High Island north of Galveston. About 250 miles.
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