Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Late Afternoon at Ananda Village

Wednesday afternoon at Ananda Village.  Just returned from errands in town,  pick up some dinner groceries, prescriptions, and get a haircut.  The new 100-400mm lens came today which has been recommended by some birding freinds.  I hope this will be a useful lens for birds.  The light is low and a bit dark.

Chuckles and Chuckles, the Yogoata Diary Runner Ducks

As I drive by the Yogoata dairy, I spot the Runner Ducks.  What an odd pair running around the grass.


Looking for some smaller birds I spot a little junko picking up seeds on the ground near an oak tree

Driving home, I noticed the dozens of Daffodils lining the driveway.

Nice photographic afternoon.  Will see how the lens does.

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