Saturday, March 24, 2012

Help, Blood on the Curtain(s)

Got your attention?
We pulled into High Island, north of Galveston after a long day driving, the last 4 hours through Galveston and waiting for the ferry across to Bolivar Peninsula.  The RV park is nice with one major issue.

MOSQUITOES!!  Ugh.  Sraddha was eaten up while outside hooking up the electrical and water.  We drove around a little to recon the area where there are several bird sanctuaries.  High Island is so named because it is actually higher (by 40 feet) than the coastline.  Lots of forests and swamp land.  Duh!

After our dinner, I started to review the photos from yesterday and today when we noticed that mosquitoes were all over the inside of the RV.  Yikes,  get out the fly swatter and, wack,  oops. I smashed one on the curtain and blood spurted out.  Sigh.  Get the carpet cleaner out and Sraddha spent several minutes cleaning.  Whew.  Then more.  We had left all the windows open to help cool off interior but had closed up the screens. Or so we thought.

Now I believe in non violence, in most situations, however this was self defense!  They were everywhere.  Reminded me a little of that old Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds". They just kept coming out of the woodwork.  Sraddha is especially susceptible to bites. I am less.  We closed all the windows tight and turned on the AC (for the first time since last August).  Still the mosquitoes appeared.  We found one of the windows not totally closed.

Well, we spent the better part of an hour removing the mosquitoes. I finally reviewed yesterdays photos and found 3 worth showing you out of 150.  Some birds seen late in the day.  Really cute.  Not great photos, but these birds all showed their personality.

Roseated Spoonbill yawning.

Nashville Warbler

Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  He really moves around fast.

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