Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter not yet gone?

Small Waterfall near Yuba River
As ye followers of this blog know, I am back home for a few days whilst Sraddha enjoys the warm moist sometimes sunny climes of the gulf coast. Well here in Ananda village it is c.c.c.ccccccold!!  yes. Winter is still here.

I am always in awe of Mother Nature, aka Divine Mother, when the weather shifts.  Earlier last week it was mild enough.  Still wear a coat but not too bad.  some sun, etc.  I was hearing the drums of a storm coming in when I received photos from freinds in Seattle and Portland showing me snow on the Oregon coast and in south Puget Sound, but didn't put it together here since it had been such a mild winter.  Woah!!

Misty Yuba Friday morning
Think it dumped at least 4-5 inches of rain then Sunday we got about 5 inches of snow.  Yes it is technically not spring as that is 3 days away but really?  Talked with Sraddha and it is mid 70's and mild in texas at moment.  I am keeping fire burning here to stay warm and hibernating.  DSL working so have internet.

Here are some photos from under the bridge

Yuba River Friday evening.  Heavy Rain (iphone)
 So Saturday morning I drove back down to Yuba River Canyon to see how the river flow was comparing to previous night.  It was down a bit.

Yuba River Saturday Morning.  Sun coming out for a while

Some friends here at village were moving into their newly built home and were concerned the storm would interfere.  The rain gods blessed them with dry weather and about 15 of fellow village residents  spent 3 hours moving them from their temp home to their permanent home.

The next morning, Sunday I awoke to this.  Good day to remain home and get to know new iPad.
Out our back yard this morning

it snowed a bit more as expected then sun came out then more snow.  Since it is springtime (well almost) and the snow doesn't last, I decided it wasn't worth shoveling out the walkway and driveway.  If snow still persists Monday, I can always walk to work! the exercise would do me good!

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