Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New iPad and Snow

What up with this, oh,  it is still winter technically
Still in village for a couple more days attending to business, enjoying the cold weather and planning for later in spring.  The snow last weekend was really fun and I just hibernated most of weekend.  Wasn't sure I could get out of driveway Monday morning but the sun came out just long enough to thaw out the the road but I had to spend half hour scraping off the snow and ice from the car before I could see to drive.

Sraddha remained down in Texas gulf coast birding and drove down to the Texican border near MacAllen for a couple days of birding with one of her mentors. Saw some new birds and had a great time.  The winds were quite high but she had closed the slide-outs so everything was fine when she returned.

2 new iPads
Other highlight of the weekend was the arrival of the new iPad.  My friend, Barbara got one also.

We had fun opening them at the same time, setting them up and facetiming.  What a bunch of geek fun.  And the screen is everything Apple claimed it is.

Taking Pictures of taking pictures
We took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other.  Pretty cool.

Oh, yes,  who gets the old iPad?  Well, don't tell anyone but it is all set up for Sraddha and I think she will enjoy it.

Friday will come soon.  So will the next blog post.

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