Friday, April 4, 2014

Chiracahua Moments

Getting in some bird photography. We remain in same campsite which is in shade so it is a little cool, not conducive to photos. Hope to get some hummer shots tomorrow. Here are a few shots from today and yesterday.  This morning it was 33 degrees when we arose.  After first cuppa, I went outside and shot this time  lapse of the morning sun and clouds.  (99 shots at 1 second each).

Morning Clouds

Acorn Woodpecker out back of our camp

Morning Coffee

Breakfast of Champions
Some more photos. Saw this partial 737 body on side of road in Rodeo.  Apparently it is too high to travel freeways so has to take backroads.  Just crossed over border into New Mexico and waiting for Overload escort east to Texas.
737 to No Where

loggerhead Shrike
Sunset over Chiracahua's

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