Thursday, April 17, 2014

Northern Migration - Brantley Lake

After our hike to Devil's Hole we began our northern migration. Headwinds all the way so we don't push it.  We drive 55-60 in a 75 mph road and everyone passes us of course.  Fortunately it was 4 lane clear to Carlsbad
Our route.  only 71 miles.  Woo Hoo
We stop in Carlsbad at Walmart to pick up some fresh filtered water, shop for avocado's.  Although not organic but sometimes you can't be picky.  RVing has made us converts to a point.  While we are not happy with how they have displaced many small business 
On the road.  looks like west Texas doesn't it?

 We also look for bread at an Albertsons, and discover they don't carry any of the preferred breads.  nor any organic produce.  Hmm. Time to move on from here fast.

Entrance to Brantley Lake State Park
We drive another 10 miles north to turnoff, then another 8 miles out to the "lake"  It's is one of those Corps of Engineers dams across the Pecos River.

Geography lesson for the dayDid you know the Pecos River has its headwaters in northeastern New Mexico?  The headwaters of the Pecos River are located north of Pecos, New MexicoUnited States, at an elevation of over 12,000 feet on the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, just east of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This mountain range extends from the Rockies up north all the way down into Mexico.  We just discovered that we will need to cross over them soon.  More on that later.

Campsite #15.  Ok with a "lake view"
We find our campsite and the winds picks up.  We decide to cook, eat, and rest inside tonight.  The next morning, I met a man whose tent poles broke in the windstorm overnight and he and his family (wife and 4 kids) spent the night in the Walmart parking lot sleeping in their truck.  They came back to pick up the pieces after they went to the Caverns.  Yikes.

I said to him: "I have two words for you......... R V!"

Glad we were inside last night. 

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