Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Move Campsites......Twice

As you may recall, the first day we arrived here in Cave Creek, Sunny Flat Campground, we found all the sites were full of campers and had been for past 3+ weeks. Only 13 sites available and this place is getting more and more popular. Patience paid off and the next day we managed to snag a location (#6)on the south side in the forest. This spot would be great in the hot weather as it is very shaded. However, we spent 4 nights there and it was cold much of the time. We were able to capture the suns rays part of the day with solar panels but didn't get much solar heating in the RV.

Two days ago we managed to move to #11 on the north end which has been in full sun. It took a couple days for Charli to warm up.

We used our new tiny propane space heater to warm us up in the mornings instead of running the power hog furnace.

The views are stunning from here. Looking out out front window we see the spires rising up from the forest floor. Sort of Yosemite meets Painted Desert.

It's quiet here except for the woodpeckers and the jays always making racket. And the broad tailed hummingbird zooms by, his tail making a zzzzzzzzzz past our heads. No crickets though.

We set up our bird feeders with hummer joy juice, seeds, and oranges.

We get a few customers during the day as we sit outside watching the Blue Throats and Magnificents battle it out for supremacy while a broad tail slips in un-noticed, sips and scrams out fast.

Now, on day 7 (6 nights have gone by), we finally are able to snag our favorite spot, #7. Woo Hoo. We are in the sun and we have the best spot for photographing the birds. Our friends, Cal & Irene have been in this spot for 10 days and have all the birds well trained so we should fit in real nicely.


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