Monday, April 7, 2014

Who is reading this?

I was just wondering this morning, who is reading this.  The blog is hosted by Google and the comments seem to be in google + which i hardly ever read.  I have been considering switching to wordpress which takes some programming (unless one of you knows how to export and convert and I would pay you) or Squarespace which would convert.  Both have comments and I would like to see you comments and respond.  You can also subscribe to this blog on the right side and it should send you and email when I post.
This is my big lens kit for wildlife and bird photos
Then an email came into my gmail address from a long time friend who said:

"I am loving your blog......and photos!  Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to do these.  I love coming along with you through your blog.

I replied and thought to include both part of the initial email and my response below:

Oh wow.  thank you!!  I wasn't sure anyone is reading it.  Get a few likes and comments on facebook.
Am trying to post daily when possible.  Like today will be just a couple random shots.
Thank you for the feedback.  I miss my buddies at village and we are having a wonderful time 'Roaming with Om' so to speak.  

FYI we expect to continue for a while.  Will be back in Laurelwood for a summer visit then head to east coast late August to maritime provinces, new england, and south on atlantic seaboard to Florida then gulf coast.  In short, the circumference of USA trip returning in late spring to say hi at village before heading north, maybe to Alaska!!  Will see.  

Taking one day at a time.  Each morning we wake up and decide whether to remain or move on.  if move on, where?

It is a bit of a challenge for me as my mind habits reside in schedules and plans.  Oh we have some ideas of what and where but really we only have 3 firm dates for this year.  Rest is day to day and flying by seat of pants so to speak."  

So now I am asking you to let me know if you are reading this and if it is worth the effort to try to post regularly, even several times per week.  What do you like?  what do you not like?  Any suggestions for content or topics?  I am out here alone, well not totally alone, without much feedback on this blog so please comment or send me an email if comments are too much trouble.  My email address is kentwilliams108 at gmail dot com.  You will need to put in the @ and the . yourself as I don't need anymore spam.  At the very least, just tell me if you read it.  


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