Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Colors and Flavors of Bisbee

Patagonia to Bisbee
(Editor Note: Lots of photos and color which is the theme of this long post. Best to click on a photo to expand, then go left or right to see them in better view.  Enjoy.)

After Sraddha returned from the Patagonia lake bird walk, we ate lunch, I dropped off the recycling, bought a couple groceries, then drove to Post office to return something from Amazon.  Yes, we shop online and have various packages and mail shipped to a destination we know we will be during a certain window.  Could be an RV park, or a state park with permission, or just General Delivery, City, State, Zip.  I don't do this in big cities (yet) but have a number of packages sent to Rodeo, New Mexico to pick up later this week.

Parking out back of Fry's in Sierra Vista
We headed east to Bisbee through Sierra Vista where we stopped at the food coop for some fresh produce.  Memo to self: next time buy the Avocados in Patagonia.  They have a better selection.  We also found a Fry's grocery store.  We pulled into the back of it where we could unhook on a flat section without crowding so I could go fuel up Mr. Toad while Sraddha shopped for Avocados, Bananas and my favorite bread.  She found nice selection of organic goodies and my bread so we are stocked up for at least the next 7-9 days when in Sunny Flat Campground in Chiricahua's.

Off to Bisbee for a night.  Only 68 miles total travel.  Our kinda day.

Our campsite at Queen Mine RV park in Bisbee
Our campsite at Queen Mine RV park in Bisbee

The old Open Pit Mine in our back yard
The old Open Pit Mine in our back yard

 We arrive in mid afternoon, set up camp. and Sraddha took off on a little walk.  As mentioned yesterday, I have a little soreness in heel so am not walking distances right now.  I ventured over to Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters to get some more of their delicious Ethiopian Queen City Harar blend.  We had discovered this little business when a friend sent me a link to their site.  Small coffee roaster with excellent tastes.  They roast daily and ship everywhere.   We ordered a pound a while back and loved it.  Sraddha usually buys Peet's Coffee special roasts, but they are growing big so we were thinking about possible alternatives and we love to support small businesses.  We just give them our general delivery address and they ship within 24 hours.

High Desert Market (from their website)

Sraddha took off for a walk and we made a date to rendesvous at the High Desert Market Cafe for the dinner special I had reserved earlier in the day by phone.  Glad I did as when we arrived at 5:45, they were sold out of the special:  Wild Salmon over Pesto cream pasta.  YUM!!  No more pasta for 2 weeks minimum.  hehe.

When I got to Old Bisbee coffee roasters, I discovered they were sold out of that days roast of Harar.  Eek.  I had called ahead and emailed and was assured of supply so Jacob said he would have some for me tomorrow and gave me a pound of another Ethiopian blend to try for free.  WOW.  That is customer service!

While driving around Bisbee in search of photographs, I found a parking place and wandered into a local place where i got to visiting with one of the locals who lives in a vintage 1968 Airstream. We talked about the nomad life and the east coast where he is from and the Boston Red Sox then a woman on next table chimed in about the Red Sox because she is from Maine.  Megan and I began to talk and turns out she had visited Ananda Village several years ago for Yoga Teacher Training and knows Elizabeth, our good friend in Tucson.  WOW.  Imagine that.  She lives in central Maine where she manages a ski resort (really?  in Maine?).  Anyway, we exchanged info and plan to visit here this fall when in Maine.  There are no coincidences are there?

I have gone on long enough so here are some photos.   I was using my new Olympus OM-D EM-10 camera.  More on that later.

Yes, there is 1000 steps to walk
No, we didn't walk all of them this trip
(Shot with Olympus)

Someone's outdoor living room
(Shot with Olympus)
Front door to county courthouse
(Shot with Olympus OM-D EM-10)

Bisbee Coffee Roasters Supply Room
(Shot with Olympus)

Bisbee Coffee Roasters front Window
(Shot with Olympus)

All these wonderful paintings on the walls were shot by Sraddha's on her iPhone.

Wall Painting in Bisbee
Wall Painting in Bisbee (iphone)

The artist show painted this wall

Front Bumper on The Car

More of that Garden Wall

New Roosting place for owls

Rock floor outside the market where we ate dinner

The Wheel on The Car

The Car!

More of that garden wall
Sraddha meets a new freind

High Desert Market outside table

These night shots of downtown Bisbee were photographed with my new Olympus OM-D EM-10 and the amazing 12-40 f2.8 lens on a tripod.  Amazing.  This is now my go to camera and lens for street photography.  Still will use Canon for wildlife and birds.  I think

Downtown Bisbee at Night. Tombstone Street
(Shot with Olympus OM-D EM-10)

haberdashery.  I want one of these
(Shot with Olympus OM-D EM-10)
A little song called "Tune Up"
(Shot with Olympus OM-D EM-10)
155 of the 1000 steps
(This is Sraddha iPhone)

One last photo here of the Tombstone roses hanging down Tombstone Canyon.
We head out today for the Chiracahua's and will have limited internet.  I will have to go to the Portal Cafe, have a chocolate milk shake, and use their internet to post more.  Oh Darn.

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