Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring cleaning

What an interesting few days.  Easter is upon us and our experience is that people flock to campgrounds during Easter which is actually later than usual.  We are not trying to plan very much so as to enjoy wherever we are and take advantage of not being on a schedule to make impromptu decisions.
our little campsite near the lake.....
Sounds wonderful?  Not so fast my friend.  My mind has been habituated for many, many years to plan ahead. Thinking about Easter weekend is no different.  Where will we stay?  Will we have to park at Walmart?  Don't kid yourself.  These thoughts do run through the mind.  Even in the minds of us relaxed full timers.  Guess I am not yet seasoned enough.
Detailed cleaning of every crack and crevice
So we break our "rule" and make a reservation at Brantley Lake state park north of Carlsbad, for Friday and Saturday nights, figuring if need be we could extend if need be. Then we had second thoughts, of course!  So we changed the reservation to Wednesday and Thursday.  No refunds, no charge for changing pending availability.
Working over the back side waste compartment and hoses
We arrive at Brantley lake SP (See previous post) and decide to depart after one night.  We get up next morning and realize we have a number of phone calls and email and other things to do while we have cell service and good internet.  The day progresses and all of a sudden it is almost noon.  Where has the day gone?  We pack up and get ready to take off.
Dry washing the outside
(and inside) front window.

Sraddha asks whether I would just like to take the rest of the day to rest and do internet stuff.  No, I say, let's go.  We are all packed up, slides in, levelers up and I say, "let's stay"  Late in the day with 3+ hours of driving we would arrive in Cloudcroft too late to do much. And tonight is already paid for (we both remarked being budget conscious).

Ok, she says. We haven't cleaned the rig in a while since she returned from Oregon.  Well, I had cleaned the rig before she arrived and you know it could have been better...

We put down the levelers, out go the slides, we hook up and spend next 4 hours cleaning.  Glad we did.  We cleaned out the waste water compartment with bleach to reduce odors, washed and dusted everything.  EVERTHING was dusty from the trail.  Desert is like that.  I vacuumed, we ate a wonderful lunch then settled in late in afternoon for a Skype call with a dear friend and had dinner, very content that we got the dreaded cleaning project out of the way for a few more weeks.

We stop for a nice big salad at lunch

Ready to head out early in the morning!
Update the next morning (aka now).  We awake to the pitter patter sound of tiny rain drops.  Oh no, my clean windshield!  We find dead little gnats all over the counters. I had heard them flying inside late at night while reading.  Didn't expect them to die overnight.  Sraddha thinks it's Divine Mother's little joke.  Happy Good Firday!
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