Wednesday, April 2, 2014

If it's April it's Almost New Mexico, Sorta

Here we are in April.  All the quarterly reports and statements will be flowing in and me without internet soon.  Haha.  Not totally as I will bike 3.5 miles to the Portal Cafe for a milkshake and wifi. Good trade off huh?

Bisbee to Sunny Flat
I thought I would be writing this from Sunny Flat campground in Cave Creek Canyon.  But we are actually at Rusty's RV Ranch in Rodeo, New Mexico for one night, then back to Arizona to Cave Creek for a week or whenever we feel like departing or run out of supplies or fill up the waste tanks whichever comes first.  Hehe.

We didn't leave Bisbee until noon as I was catching up on internet stuff while Sraddha walked and waited for the new Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters freshly (daily) roasted coffee beans.  She got Ethiopian Queen City Harar and Bali.

We stopped at Walmart in Douglas to pick up a couple things like fresh bird seed in anticipation of hanging out our feeders.  By the time we arrived in Sunny Flat, the last spot was just scooped up a few minutes earlier.  Oh well, you snooze,you lose.  Not the end of the world really as we have learned that "sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you". We have magically scored wonderful locations and other times not.  Fortunately we have a fallback plan B.

Rusty's place -  Chiracahua's in Back
We drove back out to Rodeo on New Mexico side of the border and north 4 miles to Rusty's RV Ranch where we initially stayed last year.  Full hookups and beautiful big sky view of the Chiricahua's but a round trip of 25+ miles (=3 gallons of gas = $11 or so...just sayin as my frugality side kicks in).  This was mollified by the good deal Rusty gave us for a one night stay.  She understood we wanted to get into Sunny Flat.  So we parked it, hooked up, settled in and prepared to face the heavy SW winds coming in.  We had mostly tail winds getting here and it wasn't as bad as last year (yet).  Fortunately no dust either although that is projected for today.

This morning, Sraddha drove back out to Sunny flat, scored a campsite for tonight, drove back to Portal Cafe and texted me that we have a spot so now, after I finish writing this, I will button up the RV and head out to the campground.   We don't have internet out there.  Dry camping in one of the most beautiful places in area for $5 per night.

More later in week.

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