Sunday, April 13, 2014

Color in Silver City New Mexico

Departing Cave Creek Canyon, we drove 50 miles NE to Lordsburg, New Mexico where we fueled up, propane tanks filled and heade another 50 miles NE to Silver City.

Now east of the great Divide!
We climbed up over the Continental Divide then into Silver City, a wonderful small town, big enough to have basic facilities like medical center, Walmart, etc, yet small enough to be friendly and fun.  Western New Mexico University resides here too so it is a bit of a college town.
Stop sign in RV park.  Kind New Mexican don't you think?

We stayed at Rose Valley RV park 2 miles east of historic downtown and far enough off the hightway to be quiet.  Our neighbors were real quiet as they were all in a cemetary called "Memory Lane".

Colorful wall on side street
 We were able to shop at the local Food Coop for fresh foods, and Sraddha found a local business, Masa y Mas, which sold here fresh tortillas and tamales.  We put them in freezer bags and in the freezer and fridge plus feasted at lunch on fresh, still warm tamales.  Yum
Old theater being restored downtown
 As we strolled around the downtown (no I was there in downtown pix)  I focused on colors and such.  A lot of creative artistic energy in the area with many galleries, boutiques,  Kind of a poor man's Santa Fe, unpretentious and friendly.
some little wildflowers outside our campsite
 I shot a few photos, not as many as I would have liked but we also had laundry, and other mundane tasks on our TO DO lists.  Great place to restock, clean up and get ready to head back out into the boonies as we are doing now.
Interesting door in need of restoration
 We discovered this weaving gallery and met a female weaver.  Traditionally men have done the weaving in SW and she learned from a 5th generation weaver.
Entrance to Wild Weavers Gallery.  That's me in reflection
 Her store was filled with beautiful wool rugs  of all colors and designs.
Yarn waiting for use
 She dyes her her wool with natural materials.  Sraddha had a great time talking with her and exploring the subtleties of the craft.  She showed us how she does it.
More yarn awaits
 Maybe someday we will return and commission a rug from her.
Weaving on wall
Wool Colors dyed from Naturual ingredients
 Another gallery down a back street, we met a woman, Pamela, who had recently moved here from Canon Beach, Oregon a year ago and opened this gallery, the name escaping me.  We visited for an hour and enjoyed her eclectic collections.  Much of the fun is engaging the local people in conversations.
A nativity scene with Javelinas.  Can you see all the characters?
 Later that evening, we stopped in a little restaurant for a caramelized pear and blue cheese pizza!  We watched the cook throw the dough up in the air as he made the pie crust while we ate our salad.  The pizza was yummy.  Our waitress told us she and her husband moved here 8 years ago from New England area to get away from the crowds, where they settled in, built a house, and are now looking to do some camping in their old camper truck they used to travel in before settling down here.
Outside on a power pole
 We enjoyed our brief stay here and hope to stop back again some day.
Old Door front
This is on a drain pipe on side of wall of a business
Now, Sunday morning, we are off on a long days journey to Guadalupe Mountains, First stopping in Las Cruces for milk and fuel.  We don't think there is internet over there so it may be a few days before I post again
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